Hello friends,

Welcome to VLCG, Venice Luxury Creations Gallery, a world in which you can relax and enjoy top quality in each and every product and service.  Watching your dreams grow as a result of our work is the ultimate joy.
It’s when ideas and innovation happen and where endless possibilities come to life.

My creative team is full of passion, flair and precision, all qualities that guarantee the execution of a flawless event and perfect home. VLCG has completed interiors in several parts of the world with great success.

Watching talented artisans making objects in glass, wood, leather and other materials has encouraged me to give them a voice worthy of their talents and ensure the best quality in luxury interiors for residential, hospitality and commercial properties while guaranteeing unique pieces in luxury goods the world over!

Looking forward to making your Dream become a reality,



the most beautiful city built on water, is where the headquarters is, immersed in age old techniques using glass from Murano island, lace from Burano island and several fabrics and designs from traditional looms and weaving techniques in the famous workshops in the very heart of Venice itself.

My philosophy is to help people visualize, create and maintain beautiful homes and accessories.


is a state of mind. Luxury is not to be confused with rich! Today Luxury involves exclusiveness almost uniqueness because it is special. Luxury is study, research, the opportunity of experimenting new ways.

Craftsmanship is Luxury. A product is Luxury when it is handmade or tailored. Luxury is purity and class. Luxury has to be sophisticated but never vulgar – that would be rich. Discreet not opulent, that is Luxury.


Creations, creativity in all fields from art, glass, furniture, flooring, accessories. Creating means causing to exist and that is pure magic! A world in which artisans by working their preferred material create masterpieces!

Creating something that did not exist before whether it be a home, a room, art work or events. Unlimited forms of creating takes place here in Creations.


A calaidoscope of interiors, art forms, events, an archive in which to delve and see what was created in VLCG, this intriguing, mysterious and magical realm…which awaits you!

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