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VLCG is a spacious and well laid out space which hosts various exhibitions during the year. All exhibitions are by artisans who have their works on show. VLCG has a philosophy of promoting all hand made work by local and international artisans which contributes to make the exhibitions so unique and special.

The visits to the exhibitions are by appointment and so it may be likely that you meet the artisan and see how some work is achieved by witnessing techniques and tips.

Theme Parties

What better backdrop than Venice to host your company party?
Whether it’s a special birthday or anniversary VLCG can offer so many choices!

The VLCG Creations Team has worked in this sector for over 20 years helping in the choice of venue and theme to develop so that your theme party or festivity is extra special!

From a romantic dinner for two to exciting marriage proposals the VLCG Team will ensure the ecstatic result with their team of caterers,
hostesses, video operators and all else required for the event!

A DVD in a VLCG case will be a gift to remember and relive your magical experience.


Conferences are held here to promote artisans and their works as well as press conferences and photo shoots.
A conference is held before the opening of an exhibition to introduce the world to the artist and artisan and hear about the works.
The VLCG Headquarters is the perfect venue for business meetings as it is private and in a discreet yet luxurious setting.
Coffee breaks, light lunches and cocktail evenings can be organised in this truly Venetian ‘salotto’.

Annual Events

VLCG award ‘Be who you want to be’ will be awarded at the annual VLCG Gala evening
which will be in collaboration with a charity of VLCG’S choice.

This award is the idea of the founder, Svetlana Lisitsina Cojuhari,
so to promote artisans in expressing themselves in WHO they really want the world to see them as, whether it be in art work, in furniture, in installations, in masquerading.
‘The essence of this award is twofold’, explains Svetlana, ‘it is to see and enjoy an artisan who through the work or works chosen can really say
‘This is who I want to be… This is who I am’ and the second goal here is to help a charity chosen as t
his annual event will be announced on the VLCG website and social network so enthusiastic guests can book their tables on time and ensure a prime position at this prestigious international event.

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