Interior Design

The indispensable attributes of luxury today is buying unique experiences. In interior design this has been affected in a very direct way: people want to have luxury experiences in their homes, offices and recreation areas.

VLCG noticed that people have left important brands and prefer local artisans. The reason being that they want one-of-a-kind objects that no one else has.

They understand that something cannot be considered ‘luxury’ if you can find the same assortment of ‘branded’ goods the world over. Luxury must mean original and rare. So, vintage pieces have become popular for this reason.

People are not as affected by fashion and trends as they used to be. They want their house to be decorated according to their needs and taste. In VLCG this means custom made. The range encompasses almost everything included to enhance a home from lampshades to furniture.

There is no exact definition of luxury. Everyone has his own understanding of it. ‘Luxury is freedom to live the life you want’, states Svetlana, VLCG founder. ‘We work side by side our clients and guarantee unique pieces and the greatest satisfaction is their expressions when they see the completed piece commissioned’.

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