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VLCG announces its ‘Magical’ Experience programme for 2017!

LS Events is proud to launch its upcoming  Magical Experience 2017 programme.

a Magical ‘Venetian’ Experience
a Magical ‘Musical’ Experience
a Magical ‘Cheese & Wine’ Experience
a Magical ‘Wonderland Tea Time’ Experience

Here we highlight what A Magical ‘Venetian’ Experience will offer all you lovers of Venice, good food and music!

“Love is not only a feeling, it is also an Art.” Honoré de Balzac.

VLCG with its LS Events organised a dream wedding for a young Russian couple and their respective families. 

Daughter of the Russian elite, Olga made her glittering appearance dazzling in gems and wearing a bespoke bridal gown. The whole effect was completed with a sparkling diamond tiara which was a family heirloom.

Here, the LS Floral & Table Design await the arrival of this Bridal party! Olga was accompanied on every step of her wedding organisation by LS Events, which shared all of its savoir-faire and secrets concerning high-end marriages. 

The venue was exclusive, decoration sublime and music carefully chosen all culminating in a one of a kind luxury wedding experience!

Flowers infuse each part of the wedding day with romance and beauty so this as photos witness here was quite spectacular and caused quite a stir with Guests on arriving.

For further information or to ‘Save the Date’, you are invited to write to info@vlcg.co.uk so your date and time can be saved for you!

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