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VLCG announces its ‘Magical’ Experience programme for 2017!

LS Events is proud to launch its upcoming  Magical Experience 2017 programme.

a Magical ‘Venetian’ Experience
a Magical ‘Musical’ Experience
a Magical ‘Cheese & Wine’ Experience
a Magical ‘Wonderland Tea Time’ Experience

Here we highlight what A Magical ‘Venetian’ Experience will offer all you lovers of Venice, good food and music!

A Magical ‘ Venetian’ Experience

A most Venetian creative and luxurious experience awaits you! A brief glimpse of St. Mark’s Basilica and the Bridge of Sighs before taking a water taxi which
will carry Guests along the splendid Venetian lagoon to the VLCG headquarters.
Awaiting Guests, the VLCG founder along with the Master of Ceremonies will join in a welcome aperitif inside this ‘magical’ experience.
An art expert will explain a brief history of some famous palaces while highlighting them through their representation seen in the most Venetian beautiful glass mosaic technique which reigns supreme as the backdrop.Music by Venetian composers will fill the air as Guests take their seats for a cultural and culinary voyage through Venetian history.

Magic will linger forever in Guests memories of this ‘unique’ and very exclusive experience which only VLCG can offer!

VLCG founder welcomes Guests then the Master of Ceremonies will accompany them though traditional local dishes accompanied by excellent local wines.  All dishes are prepared by master chefs and respect the original recipes so as to take Guests back in time via their taste buds.
All five senses will come alive during the evening in this Venetian palace setting, enhancing the magical atmosphere with flavours, aromas, visions, musical notes while hands caress the wall hangings all meticulously completed by Venetian artisans with their age old traditions.

This unique and very exclusive experience can be booked for small groups from 2 people to 20 people, thus ensuring a most personalised memory. Security and privacy is vital for your ‘big’ day whether it be your wedding, anniversary or special birthday party. No one else can offer such a dream come true for you!Corporate and firms can avail of this magical event for their key clients and management.


A water taxi will accompany Guests back to St. Mark’s square, the starting point where Guests will now view the Basilica and other buildings with new eyes!

For further information or to ‘Save the Date’, you are invited to write to info@vlcg.co.uk so your date and time can be saved for you!

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