LS Designs


“I appreciate history, but you have to bring you own experience into a home.”

Svetlana Lisitsina
LS Design for VLCG 

Svetlana has a gracious nature which shows in her interiors which emanate elegance and comfort. She uses antiques melded with new classics and have an intoxicatingly luxurious eloquence that cradle you and deeply inspire. 

The timeless beauty in LS accomplishments is impressive. Her work is showcased in some of the world’s most amazing homes.


“It’s so important for people to understand that there is a direct relationship between them and how they feel in a room. It reflects how they feel about themselves and how they see themselves. Our surroundings often determine the atmosphere inside of us. If all is in harmony in our homes and workplaces then the best of ourselves is witnessed!

If you consider the size and shape of the furniture, good lighting colours that all create the mood in the room then you’ll find you have a space that you and others want to really spend time in.

Today design is moving towards a warmer, more organic, lyrical and layered look. True luxury has always been about the details. We are now experiencing a period where people expect high end products to be more complexly created, with greater detail to design and above all,  to be more special. I take all of these things into consideration whenever I work on a new product design. 

LS works closely with each client so to evaluate the perfect setting so that the client will reap benefits for both body and soul and enjoy living in this space created exclusively with this in mind.

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