Ciao Venice

Ciao Venice


VLCG hosted its first Magical ‘Music’ Experience on April 1st, 2017. Yes, that’s right! On April Fool’s Day! But what a day!

JAMIE MARIE LAZZARA, famous ‘liutaia’, Master Violin Maker, was the Guest of Honour at VLCG headquarters.

In 1993 the world famous soloist Itzhak Perlman ordered a ‘Lazzara’ violin which Jamie made by copying each and every detail from the original 1714 Stradivarius.

Ridley Scott, film director used her ‘bottega’ for part of ‘Hannibal’. Former US President Obama ordered a ‘Lazzara’ violin for his daughter after hearing Itzhak Perlman playing at his inauguration ceremony. Jamie has also made instruments for Gianna Nannini, Litfiba amongst other celebrities.

Jamie is a magical person with a wonderful talent which she worked hard to attain. When she was young and decided to make violins there were no schools in the USA that accepted females! So, at 19 years of age, she travelled to Cremona, the heart of Stradivarius country and studied here. Many violin makers are good at their handicraft but cannot play the instrument, so she is often invited to try out their ‘new’ works before being sold. 

Jamie has her ‘bottega’ in the heart of Florence, another city of art and is immersed in her musical world and the world of artisans and using genuine products to make her instruments.

Jamie was accompanied by Giovanni Bartolomei, poet of eighth rhyme and an extraordinary person. They both worked in the past with Caterina Bueno, the famous Tuscan folk singer and are collaborating on documents which should feature in an upcoming film on Caterina’s life.

After the conference, Jamie and Piergiorgio Freddi entertained the public with some familiar pieces. Piergiorgio played the violoncello while Jamie ‘inaugurated’ her latest Stradivarius – just finished the night before – for this event, thus making VLCG very proud indeed!

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